To each his own

EDITOR: Ashmy Achu Shinu

This is for all those people who have found themselves on the receiving end of the phrase “log kya kehenge?” with respect to academic and career choices.

The Platform Analogy

EDITOR: Abhilasha Ramakrishnan

The article is an attempt to capture the weird but very close analogy found between trains, platforms and life in words. It explains how a train journey is more of like the journey of life, how the platforms, stations and people signify all that we see in life, and how a simple decision to get down and go out and explore things out of the regular journey can change the destiny, the destination, the purpose of life altogether.

3 am Tickle

EDITOR: Deepti Nair

People suffer from anxiety, they suffer from panic attacks. It’s never easy, to go through them, to let it get on your nerves, to let it take over your sanity. In the finest of hours, or the deepest of nights, the wave of panic comes through; it is never easy. Yet I put words, to the dreadful experience, that some of us have to survive through, sometimes.

Rani Padmavathi

EDITOR: Smriti Sharma

B. Padmavathi is the name of my paternal grandmother, the one who saw me turn 20, her son turn 53 and her daughter-in-law turn 44 before she breathed her last on 10th July 2017.