There are many content websites. Many listicle websites. A ten second reminder of all the wrongs some pop-star has done in his life, may be.

We are different. In words. Our articles will take may be ten whole minutes of your life but that is not our sole intention. We intend that you read something at THEES and go about your work, but with a change. We want to influence you, not to make you buy something really expensive and unnecessary, but to change your approach to the world around you for the better. We want to make you think about the ordinary. We want to be your microscope or a telescope, to help you see the mundane through a new lens. We want you to the see the kaleidoscopic colours and patterns that exist in an ordinary pebble. We want you to create as well, for we believe that everyone has a story worth of being heard. If you feel you have chained by your lack of eloquence, we will help you break those shackles. We write, yes, but everyone creates. And every creation requires a platform. That is us.

But that’s a very stylised description of THEES.
Actually, we are just another group of young people trying to do life-changing things. You can say that words can’t help people on the ground, and you would be right. But let’s go back to the time you felt like a prisoner in your own body, a prison three sizes smaller than comfortable and you had no words to describe that heaviness in your heart and mind. We will be there for you then. Words may not construct anything physically, but mentally, words are all which separate us from our fellow compatriots in the animal kingdom. Greek mythology says Prometheus took pity on Man and gave us fire because he had already given out the best qualities to other animals. We believe Prometheus was wrong. We had words. And that’s all we need.

हम पढ़ते हैं जज़्बातों को,
हम सुनते वक़्त की बातों को,
फिर लिखकर उन्हें यूँ बयाँ करते हैं
नन्हे से जुगनू हैं नये आसमान के
शब्दों की उड़ान से इसे रौशन करते हैं
हम मुस्कुराते भी हैं लफ़्ज़ों में,
हम कभी यूँ ही बिखर भी जाते हैं,
फिर भी पिरोते हैं शब्दों को एक माला में
और इसमें बंधके हम ‘द एडिटिंग स्टार्टअप’
कहलाते हैं।


The Editing Startup or THEES is not a Startup or a Startup Company.
It only uses the word ‘startup’ in its name.