Do you see me?

I see you everyday, I look into your eyes
I yearn for your old self, I almost cry

You still look the same, you still are the same
But somewhere I see, you can’t recognize me…

I was there all along, always with you
But old age is cruel, it is ugly and true

We all feed you, dress you , love you and make things the same as always, just as you liked…

You respond well, and sometimes
You give me a glint of hope that all will be well!

But then as all old people do, you retrieve in your own shell
And it breaks my heart and I suffer like hell

So today I promise myself
I’ll never let you go to that shell

Wherever you are, however you are,
I’ll always be there with you

No matter what
No matter how
I’ll never leave you, till the end of my breath

I see you like I do always…
Do you see me?

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