Sigh Of Relief

When the mind suffers with up’s and down’s,
it’s a challenge to cope up, what surrounds.
The only aim visible in reach,
is that instant which one needs.
A second of calm, a tick to carefree,
it’s hard to achieve a sigh of relief.

The world has turned into utter chaos,
people dodging states of havoc.
No time to see the dreams,
achieving them is so far it seems.
A chance to achieve, a peaceful sleep,
a chance to see our broken dreams ,
all we need is a sigh of relief.

The world has forgotten,
the importance of peace.
Nobody cares about others it seems,
the race for more is on a seize.
Culture destroyed, innovations detonated,
all the eyes which saw dreams are now evacuated.
But it is still an irony when someone leaves the world,
we say rest in peace,
because we know the person went without having,

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