Types of Friends in Today’s World

Well, it’s simple and plain enough to say that making friends in this age of Social media is far more easy than it was way before all this. We practically become “Besties” of some person whom we’ve never ever met or have no chances of meeting in the distant future. We find some friends in college who practically become like our family. Then there are some friends we make in college, with whom we coincidentally shared the same school or van but never interacted enough due to whatever reasons we had.

Sometimes, we just become friends under pressure. Not peer pressure, just the pressure to not look rude or unfriendly.

Sometimes, we have no other “choice”(they’re the only ones tolerable, so better be with them than alone).Sometimes people feel temporary solace, in the words of a stranger, whom think is “nice”.

Now, this one is tricky, so pay attention!

Someone who speaks nice stuff to you may be genuinely interested in you(distant chances) or maybe just wants to please you to get favors.. They usually become “sudden best friends”.

Some feel connected to these sudden best friends mainly due to 2 reasons:

1. Their current friends take them for granted and the new one(s) don’t. They actually listen to you or at least that’s what you think they do and before you know, you’d prefer talking to them than your original friends.

2. These “sudden best friends” have the world’s choicest compliments for your looks or OOTD {outfit of the day (for those who don’t know)}. They innocently flirt with you and often say ” you’re the only one with whom I speak so freely” and all those sweet scented lovey dovey words that make us instantly fall for them..

Now, people need to be aware of some things :

1. It’s impossible to trust someone by just having some few conversations where you both just discuss some insecurities or fears or general things going on in each other’s life.

2. Nobody has so much time to think only and only about you or your problems or to ask what’s happening in your life etc, etc.

3. Sometimes people just don’t want to sound rude or impolite and hence say “Hey! Anything wrong? you can tell me”. But the minute you say “No I’m good” they’re like “Okay cool “.

Clearly showcasing they’re not interested.

4. Sometimes people have literally no other thing to do and hence pretend to be your “concerned friend” who stays up late to listen to your worries.

5. These sudden feelings of finding a best friend in a stranger is just a shallow feeling we get when we feel the other person is the most understanding one we’ve ever met. They may not be even a quarter of what image we create about them in our mind.

Beware: the minute they feel they’ve had enough of entertainment, they just vanish.. they don’t bother to message the other person who now practically starts expecting them to talk or ask them how everything was..

Now, one should realize that as much shallow as all this sounds , this is exactly what goes on in anybody’s life.

We all have that “one friend” who comes out of the blue as the savior of our problems.. there’s nothing wrong with that, but the thing is, never trust them with so much of your heart.

Keep a level and a distance with everyone..

So, next there are some people having marvelous masterpieces
called “Besties” or “Bae”, who’re practically the “Soulmates” of the person concerned. They know everything about the other, no secrets, no nothing.

Well, some of these “Baes” and “Soulmates” don’t last more than the time they’re together.. namely during college time or school time.

Mostly such friends feature only in Instagram posts or Facebook profile photos.

And finally come the true friends. No, they aren’t there for you all the time. No, they don’t call or message you for every occasion.

They’re the ones with whom you talk not so frequently, but your level of understanding and love and concern for each other is so strong, that every time you meet, you get along like a house on fire!

They’re always there for you in times of your trouble, you just have to tell them. Even if they can’t be around , they’ll give try their best to comfort you.

There are no chances of misunderstanding with them because you both have realized that your friendship is more precious than anything.

So, hold on to such friends and never let them go!

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