Under the midnight sky

EDITOR: Aditi Sharma

I long for the night time. I’ve become this nocturnal creature. I have fallen in love with the stillness and silence of the night. At this time, nothing moves ever so slightly in this bustling place. My mind wanders through millions of places. I explore. I search for the meaning of my life. I think about the people whom I care about. I stare at the sky as I think about all the memories I’ve made. I laugh. I cry. I’m filled with emotion. I’m vulnerable to myself and the one beside.

I guess, the clock slows down at night. Maybe, it is tired. I love the midnight strolls. I do not even need the earphones on. One of my favorite songs is already playing in my head. Pitch perfect. I dance and prance around in the empty streets. There is usually a spot for souls like me. It is our safe haven. I go to the terrace. There are millions of lights far away. The music of the crickets and a random car whoosh past once in a while; I’m left in my own world otherwise under the heavenly midnight sky. I imagine about being all the different versions of me I have always wanted to be.

If I have good company, it is even better. With my experiences I can say, people are always more emotional and vulnerable at night and it shows in the tone of their speech and the topics of the conversation. So light and yet so deep.

I have a group of friends whom I travel with. We always prefer the nights to drive to the places. Usually, I’m the one beside the driver to keep him or her awake and keep a conversation alive. We share a lot of things then. Even my friends, whom I know for a long period of time, come up sharing a lot of surprising events and experiences from their lives. I think any person can be more beautiful in the night because of the way they open up just like the beautiful nocturnal flowers.

It does not depend on the place either, be it in a country or in a city – everything is more beautiful and breathtaking during night. The beaches are beautiful under the moon and the stars. Even the ocean speaks a lot more under the dark sky than it does under the bright sun.

Obviously, it is wiser than a lot of us. For it has seen emotional, vulnerable and the other beautiful sides of a lot of people. I think, it wishes that it is forsaken from the dreadful deed of taking such beautiful souls within it away from their loved ones or, at least, that is what I understood from what it said.

I love the fact that you need not pretend to be anyone else in the night. You can just be yourself, your purest form. Under the moon, the murmurs are softer but are heard. Your heart is in command in the night because your brain is tired from the long day it has had. The heart longs for such quiet times where you can actually listen to its thoughts of thud-thudding. I think “sleep over it” means taking your time out and listening to what your heart murmurs aloud in the silence of the night.

When the lights are turned off, the mind becomes a combination of melancholy and merriment. It can sway in any direction – it can dive deep into the blues or just float being ever so light in the happiness of the night. It is a feeling that one should experience. Once experienced, you will long for such nights over and over again.

I do not know how people like to dance and party to loud music late at night. Well, this is party to me. Me, myself, moon and the stars. Maybe, you can try it out once and thank me later.

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