Who am I?

It’s been over two decades, and I’m yet to find who I really am. Where do I stand among these people who create this “society”? How do I contribute to this “system”? What do I stand for?

Every day of my life has been a step forward, upward; or I choose to believe so. Each day I’ve looked behind me and have realised how little I knew. It feels like walking backward from a humongous wall. Whenever it seems that I can see the top, the thing I thought of as the wall turns into a small grafitti painted over the abysmal enormity of what the wall really stands for.

I see myself as a learner. I’m always eager to ingest what was not there before. The joy I feel when I realize I’ve added something to myself doesn’t have words to be described in. I see myself as an optimist in my own way. I always find somewhere to be which is better than where I stand now. I believe failure to be the greatest teacher one can have, and failing at something does the exact opposite to me of what it does to others.

I’m good at a lot of things. And the arsenal keeps growing. I’m used to thinking about a lot of things, and I believe myself to be somewhat intellectually better than my peers, or it simply might be arrogance on my part.

Despite all that, I’m still unable to figure out what kind of person I am. Where do I stand in this society? How do I contribute to this system?


Who am I?

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