Will you See?

Will you see?
“Nope”. I know, It’s the truth.
It’s futile, whatever I do
Wasted, will be my every single fruit.
Yours are all golden, unlike me.
I know, you won’t ever see.
Deluded, often called; I’ll be.
Reaching the sun? Huh; as if I’ll go through
You’re awesome, I hope to be there too
I know full well, however much I grow
You won’t ever, EVER look at me
It’s simple, don’t you see?
Clear as a glass in a single look.
You’ll be far brighter, the sun in the noon
Same as me, you”ll also continue to grow.
But this little hope, I just can’t throw.
That someday, I will also glow.
I ask you, for this is all I want,
Your eyes for a moment, when I blaze fast.
I just want you to look at me,
And what you’ve made me into,
from what I used to be.
I ask just this much of you.
Will you see?

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