Live your Passion

EDITOR: Aesha Kallattuvalapil

‘How do I find my passion?’
There is no answer to this question. ‘What would you love doing all the time and never get bored of it?’
Now, this question might have an answer.

When you pursue and keep doing what you love, you do not look for personal time because you are happy even when you are working. That is the beauty of following your passion. I love photography. I could do it all day. I can never get bored of it. I find my happiness while clicking pictures of people in their own grace. It calms me.

Did you know? In India, pro-gamers make around 10 to 15k per month minimum. I’m telling you this to make one point clear, that now is the best time to follow your passion and turn it into a business and also make a living out of it. But you should be willing to do whatever it takes to take this chance to live on your own terms.

I don’t think people have understood of how much the society and its mentality have changed. In India, did you ever think wedding photographers could earn so much money like they do now? The generation gap is fading and people appreciate creative ideas and newer businesses.

Terribly Tiny Tales is a great example for this. It was a very interesting idea to capsulate a formula by combining the idea of Twitter and social media’s unlimited opportunity. A simple image with less than 140 characters now creates a terribly good awareness about a lot of issues, makes an immediate impact on people or at least puts a smile on the face of the reader.

Maybe, you have a hobby. Maybe, you are tossing and turning in bed with a million ideas in your mind. Google it! Your idea may turn out to be something no one has ever tried. It maybe unchartered waters that you are sailing into. But if you work hard enough, you get all the fish.

In India, you get to think about your career only after you complete an engineering degree. But, that is okay. It’s not too late. It is better you find your happiness doing something you love, making 40k-a-month rather than making 60k-a-month being an engineer and being upset & blaming the society and family for it. If you want something, you have to get up from that comfortable couch and get it. Complaining that people don’t get that something to you or that people are telling you that if you get up from the couch, you will not get the same comfort ever again is utterly baseless and has zero use.

Lower your expectations from other people. Someone isn’t going to be there to keep applauding your efforts and keep motivating you do it. Self-motivation is very important.

The opinion of others which are actually not going to help you grow is all just a moopoint. It does not matter.If the opinion of the people who love you does matter to you, then do respect it and also convey, justify and convince them with your point of view. Whatever you do, you are the one who is going to live with the consequences. Hence, you have to be unapologetic for being yourself. It is not wrong to put yourself first.

The other important trait required to live your passion, is to gain confidence. Practice, practice and keep practicing because there is no alternative to working super-hard. Confidence levels will rise as you learn new techniques and achieve each milestone. If you fail in achieving a milestone or anything of that sort, forgive yourself first because nobody is perfect. Then, get yourself on your feet and push harder. You will eventually reach the heights that want to, also, staying happy all the way up there.

Living your passion might just be the panacea you needed! In Gary Vaynerchuk’s words, “When you get to do what you want to do, you’ve won”.

Under the midnight sky

EDITOR: Aditi Sharma

I long for the night time. I’ve become this nocturnal creature. I have fallen in love with the stillness and silence of the night. At this time, nothing moves ever so slightly in this bustling place. My mind wanders through millions of places. I explore. I search for the meaning of my life. I think about the people whom I care about. I stare at the sky as I think about all the memories I’ve made. I laugh. I cry. I’m filled with emotion. I’m vulnerable to myself and the one beside.

I guess, the clock slows down at night. Maybe, it is tired. I love the midnight strolls. I do not even need the earphones on. One of my favorite songs is already playing in my head. Pitch perfect. I dance and prance around in the empty streets. There is usually a spot for souls like me. It is our safe haven. I go to the terrace. There are millions of lights far away. The music of the crickets and a random car whoosh past once in a while; I’m left in my own world otherwise under the heavenly midnight sky. I imagine about being all the different versions of me I have always wanted to be.

If I have good company, it is even better. With my experiences I can say, people are always more emotional and vulnerable at night and it shows in the tone of their speech and the topics of the conversation. So light and yet so deep.

I have a group of friends whom I travel with. We always prefer the nights to drive to the places. Usually, I’m the one beside the driver to keep him or her awake and keep a conversation alive. We share a lot of things then. Even my friends, whom I know for a long period of time, come up sharing a lot of surprising events and experiences from their lives. I think any person can be more beautiful in the night because of the way they open up just like the beautiful nocturnal flowers.

It does not depend on the place either, be it in a country or in a city – everything is more beautiful and breathtaking during night. The beaches are beautiful under the moon and the stars. Even the ocean speaks a lot more under the dark sky than it does under the bright sun.

Obviously, it is wiser than a lot of us. For it has seen emotional, vulnerable and the other beautiful sides of a lot of people. I think, it wishes that it is forsaken from the dreadful deed of taking such beautiful souls within it away from their loved ones or, at least, that is what I understood from what it said.

I love the fact that you need not pretend to be anyone else in the night. You can just be yourself, your purest form. Under the moon, the murmurs are softer but are heard. Your heart is in command in the night because your brain is tired from the long day it has had. The heart longs for such quiet times where you can actually listen to its thoughts of thud-thudding. I think “sleep over it” means taking your time out and listening to what your heart murmurs aloud in the silence of the night.

When the lights are turned off, the mind becomes a combination of melancholy and merriment. It can sway in any direction – it can dive deep into the blues or just float being ever so light in the happiness of the night. It is a feeling that one should experience. Once experienced, you will long for such nights over and over again.

I do not know how people like to dance and party to loud music late at night. Well, this is party to me. Me, myself, moon and the stars. Maybe, you can try it out once and thank me later.

We, Validation and Vulnerability

EDITOR: Gyan Akarsh

We are all afraid of being judged. We all have the need for validation. We all want to be accepted. To accomplish that, we hide our true selves behind a false persona. At our workplace, in school, at a party or wherever it may be, we just try to blend in. Our sole objective is to be accepted and to be connected with people. Well, hiding our true self is definitely not the way to achieve it.

I’d like to take you through one of my experiences. I was travelling with a group of my friends on a one-day trip. We had hired a tourist bus for it. While we were travelling, I had my earphones plugged in and I was observing the people around. I do that when I’m bored. It’s like a real-time movie; Listening to the music playing in the background, and watching a person’s activities go along with it. Sometimes, it is really beautiful. Sometimes, it cracks me up. You should try it if you have not.

So, on this particular day, I was observing one of my friends. She was not very close to me and she was quite a reserved person. I’m always interested in a person who is very silent in a not so silent environment. I feel that they have a lot more maturity and experience than the others around. It’s just something I learnt from my time and it may not be correct always. So, she had her earphones plugged in and she was very still. I couldn’t put those things together. I mean, while listening to music, you either sing along or sway around or tap your feet or at least have your head nodding to the tunes. Even when you’re lost in thought there is an occasional display of such nature. I have observed her do the same previously too. Naturally, I was curious. So, I asked her the next time I had a conversation with her. She replied that “Already people make fun of me. I don’t want to give them another reason for that.” I just said, “Umm… okay. Just try not to mind that and enjoy yourself.” I respect her and her opinion. But, this incident has always stuck to my heart. Is validation this crucial to us? Is being one among the crowd that important to us?
Why are we afraid of being attached to someone? Why are we afraid of being ourselves? Why are we afraid of being vulnerable?

We always figure it for a weakness. We are all afraid of being hurt. We are all afraid of that something which would affect our otherwise yet imperfect life. We expect people to be honest and open to us. But, we are afraid to be like that. Despite of the things we do people are going to judge us. We have to let go and stop trying to control how others see us. This is the basic requirement.

The best way is to accept and love our own imperfect selves. We should start by being kind and compassionate to ourselves because the way we treat ourselves is how we will treat others. Do not try to be Batman because Gotham deserves him, since we cannot live up to the expectations. Be yourself. Be your own authentic self. When we accept ourselves, the voice of validation that we want to hear to accomplish anything will be only one. That one voice will be our own. This eradicates all the anxiety of being judged and fear of rejection. We will be content with our own selves.

These little changes within ourselves make us open up to a whole new experience of the same old world. We are more compassionate to the people around us. It gives us the mental state of being willing to do something even when there are no guarantees like helping out people, to commit ourselves to a relationship. It allows us to be more connected to the people we love. We will then crave for deep conversations. Anything we try to do, we will try to accomplish it our fullest potential. We possess the ability to love someone wholly even with the knowledge that they could hurt us. It gives us courage.

When we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt and from experiencing pain, we unknowingly keep ourselves distant from falling in love and admiring the real beauty in people. A conversation which is just small talk is not what binds to people. A conversation which is personal and where we open up and share the authentic us to the other person, now, that is beautiful. Also, it creates an invisible bond between the hearts of the two people involved in the conversation. Small talk will not give great happiness unless you’re a high school kid who just said ‘hi’ to your crush. A deep conversation keeps you involved. It takes you places you have never been to. The speaker is showing you a part of his life. This is just like where Harry could feel glimpses of what Voldemort was feeling, because of the scar which he gave Harry. The person sharing their experience is vulnerable to you because their experiences are valuable and personal. To you as a listener after listening to their experiences, just like the scar it leaves an impression on you. Some of the lessons you take can give you a whole new perspective of looking at things and some might not affect you on any level. The point is both of you are vulnerable to each other with the trust that either of you will hurt the other. That is the beauty of a good conversation. I crave for such conversations.

When we are open to heartbreak and other painful circumstances life could throw our way. It helps us to accept ourselves. We can look beyond our pride and ego. We can understand the value of other people in our lives. We realize the importance of the relationships we have and we make every day. So, we are open to admitting the mistakes that we make and apologize or thanking people for taking the efforts to help us in any way. In all, it makes our lives better in any way imaginable.

Let us understand that the only voice of validation that we require is our own. Let us break down our barriers and be vulnerable to experience the joy and sorrow that life brings to us. Where vulnerability is love and compassion follow. That is where the real beauty of the heart lies.

“Vulnerability is the core of all emotions. To feel is to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to be alive.”

Cheers! Have a happy life!