Changing Times

EDITOR: Aesha Kallattuvalapil

Life changes like seasons do,
Every day it brings us something new,
A new day, a new grind,
And new people around.
While the traces of the past

are nowhere to be found.

A wave the change brings along

and you seem to flow with it
unaware of what’s going on,

You just follow the commands of time
things change, surroundings change

Entire life changes and so do you.
And just by the time you realize

what that change did to you.

You learn to accept it and live with it.
Just then, life changes again.
It’s not in your hands, you can’t stop it.
All you can do is give in to the mold

Be a desired shape to fit in.
Change is the law of nature

And so is adaption.
You cannot stop winter from coming,

But you sure can keep yourself warm

By lighting the fire within you.



Chasing Yourself

EDITOR: Aditya Prakash Singh

When we were kids,
chasing someone in hide and seek,
it was just a game I believed.
When I grew up a little,
came to know that fun was brittle,
chasing in games was no longer there
the world said chase marks and results,
or beware.

Chasing was no more fun,
comparison with friends was burden of a ton,
but all it included was a pun,
it said at least I offer friends for fun.
When I grew up some more,
I realized chase washed me to a shore,
so lonely and so tore,
I wished in anger I could roar.
But no point was there even for anger,
as nobody was there to hear rejoinder.

Now, I have grown up more,
standing still on the same shore,
waiting for a hand smooth and soft,
to hold my hands which have turned sore.
I wish a day would come,
no chase will be there,
not on land not in water neither in air.
And all souls will light up as flairs,
I wish a day would come,
the chase comes to an end.
We will just return playing hide and seek,
and of us will be friends.

The chase which put us apart,
will drive us back where we were a part,
the chase which left us alone,
will have no reason to make us mourn.
But still,
it is a wish that the chase will be gone,
but ultimately I am chasing my wish,
so the chase is still not gone,
and now I feel like a moron.
But still, I believe the chase will be gone.

Time of Cold

EDITOR: Aesha Kallattuvalapil

Dead leaves now cover the place,
Where their shadows once fell,
A grim ceremony marked,
By echoes of an unseen knell.

A temporal shroud of grayness,
Thrown over balding heads,
A metallic coldness of doorknobs,
Clear vision which steadily fades.

Air like a hundred needles,
A reptile huddled up beneath some momentary warmth,
Dead trees burn in happy homes,
Stories woven around the red-brick hearth.

All disperse as night falls fast,
A web of frosts glistens on trees,
Black rocks wait for the morning light,
However weak, the sun at last.

World of Sleepless Nights

EDITOR: Shruti Bhatia

On sleepless nights,
I dream of skies
So lit and eternally bright
Filled with stars and natural light.

But when I reach out and open my eyes,
I only find the glimmering street lights.
The stars are gone which were bright
Overwhelmed by the artificial light

The dream once lied in skies
As there goes the natural light.

On sleepless nights
I dream of,
A lap which was forever there to lie,
It’s only there now, for a device so sly.

A hand was there to hold me steady
Now its rough and no longer ready.

The eyes which were for only me to see
Are now clutched on a screen to make prestige.

On sleepless nights,
I dream,
A world with no more ties
Devices not so sly,

Of hands to hold and a lap to sleep
Fingers to play and eyes to see

I dream with open eyes
As they say dreams with open eyes
Come true, that’s why I dream
Only on sleepless nights.


EDITOR: Aditya Prakash Singh

There’s nothing old, and nothing new
Things are on, but you’ve no clue
About the good and the bad
And the right and the wrong
Everything is so similar to you.

When you look back
Things are so different
But the past seems familiar
You realize you’ve left it
Behind you, long ago.

When you look ahead
There is nothing but the blinding light
You just don’t know what awaits ahead
You only have the choice, to keep walking
On a road that never seems to end.

You wish to halt, you wish to breathe
You want to live this moment
You want to feel free
But your feet don’t rest
They only keep pacing ahead.

With the tired mind
A numb body, a sweated shirt and torn shoes
All you wish for is a dead end
As how much ever tempting it may seem
You can’t quit on your life
Forced to keep moving against your wish
You do.

Emptiness- all around and inside
Lost hopes, lost spirits,
Lost faith, lost love
There’s nothing left with you
All you keep praying now
Is never to see the next dawn
At this point now
So weak, so coward you are
That you can’t take your own life.

What life will you take away from self?
The real you was killed way back behind
Now only a stone hearted, frozen blooded
Human walks mechanically around
and people say you are ‘Living’.

Do I?

EDITOR: Abhilasha Ramakrishnan

Anonymous btR

Everything mentioned here is purely fictional. Any coincidental similarities are simply a swing of luck. No harm intended.

I am often forced to think about my ignorant attitude towards how I look. I forcibly avoid dressing up. I knowingly maintain a ragged appearance. I try to act as weird among people as I can; all of these for one sole reason. To avoid social interactions. I am not essentially an antisocial person. But I am not outwardly open also. I tend to avoid people. Because once they get to know me, they avoid me. I carry a mentality, a method of thinking, an ideology which is completely alien to most of my peers. They simply don’t bother to maintain an ideology, or are simply creeped out by the way I make them see things. They hide behind closed eyes and pretend that they don’t see it. Or even if they see it, they simply refuse to acknowledge it. Those are the type of things that make my way of thinking ‘alien’. Getting out of all that philosophical crap, the only reason I was so loquacious was to get to a single point. I am uncomfortable around others.

Especially girls. Especially girls who are beautiful. Especially girls who are beautiful and smart. And mostly, girls whom I have crushes on. When I was a kid, my teachers taught me not to talk to girls. They taught me all girls around me are a different species. Boys shouldn’t interact with girls as they do with other boys. I was under such guidance for better than half of my life. Well, it definitely has left some hefty marks on how I interact socially. Having certain feelings for certain people is something one can’t avoid. We all have them. Towards our parents, our siblings, our friends. And when it comes to the ‘one’ person, that feeling becomes unique. Many have tried to explain it in terms of ‘flutter of butterflies’, ‘warmth’, ‘joy’; well, you are free to read romance and find out. Point here is, that particular feeling is the hardest to control. And when you are as socially awkward as I am, controlling them is something that you must do.

‘Smitten’ is something I won’t use, but it might be the most relevant word. Being smitten with someone leaves me in a position where I must control my emotions, since I don’t have the 1) Luxury, 2) Appearance, 3) Personality 4) Social skills to do anything about it. ‘Way out of my league’ is a suitable statement that I’d like to make. I know that I don’t look good. And in the world I live now, no amount of talent will make the girl look at me twice. That’s a fact I’d accepted quite a while ago. I don’t exist as long as it concerns her. This particular situation led me to an interesting situation. While trying to control and contain what I while in order to keep the rest of me from going awry I learnt how to control my emotions. It may feel surreal, but it isn’t. I can control my emotions. To a great extent. I am never sad. I am always, perfectly, genuinely happy despite the situation. I can control anger. Petty things like greed and jealousy are something I left quite a way ago on the path I’ve taken. I am content. I am happy, I am optimistic, I am looking forward to my life in a way that I never did before. Thanks to that one crush, that one person who struck home, that one person who’ll never know I exist; I have learnt something which is going to be there with me as long as I am sane. It’s not like I’ve given up on her, it’s just that I never tried. Because I know my ‘limits’. And I know what’s worth more in my life. Getting to the conclusion, my story wasn’t all that interesting. But the thing I learnt is, you cannot control all your emotions (unless you turn into a hermit). But you can confront any one emotion of yours. Constrain it with all your willpower. Use its turbulence to drive your other emotions into a streamline. It worked for me, and it will work for you. Since I know that I am also a human being, just like you are.

Or… Do I?

The beauty of your eyes

EDITOR: Deepti Nair

I see the innocence of a child,

The freshness of the morning dew,

The embrace of a mother mild,

The tinge of purple in a sky of blue.

The merriment of a child forlorn,

Who found a grain of rice to eat,

The bullfinch by its ruby breast adorned,

The ecstasy when a dear friend meets.

The magic of winter showering crystals,

The melodious chirp at the break of dawn,

Saints yearning their meditation to distill,

The miracle of new souls being born.

The glow on the face of a newly wed bride,

The smile of a lover hidden from the world,

The hug of a mother after having cried,

The surprises on a birthday slowly unfurled.

I see the satisfaction and the content of all the joys…

Glinting in your beautiful eyes.