Declarations and Terms and Conditions

Declarations and Terms and Conditions

1. Unless stated otherwise, ‘The Editing Startup’, and the ‘Website’ for the purpose of the ‘Declarations and Terms and Conditions’ refer to the website ‘’ and ‘’ and ‘’ which is redirected to ‘’. The ‘Owner(s)’ refers to the owner or owners of the ‘Website’. The ‘Editor’ refers to the editor or the editors of the respective ‘Article(s)’ on the ‘Website’. ‘Author’ refers to the writer of the ‘Article(s)’. ‘Article(s)’ refers to all the articles published on ‘The Editing Startup’, including ‘by the Readers’. ‘Logos’ refers to all images on the ‘Website’ containing ‘The Editing Startup’ name, and/or ‘’ name, and/or ‘’ name. ‘Images’ refers to all images on the ‘Website’ other than ‘Logos’. ‘User’ refers to anyone ‘Using the Website’ whether registered with the ‘Website’ or not. ‘Using the Website’ refers to ‘reading Article(s)’, ‘saving “Article(s)’, ‘printing Article(s)’, ‘sharing Article(s)’, ‘viewing Logos’, ‘saving Logos’, ‘printing Logos’, ‘sharing ‘Logos’, ‘viewing Images’, ‘saving Images’, ‘printing Images’, ‘sharing Images’, and/or ‘staying on the website’ for any other reason or purpose. ‘Division(s) refers to the ‘Website’ and its divisions in form of sub domains or any other domain of the name ‘The Editing Startup’. ‘Founding Member(s)’ refers to the founders of the ‘Website’ or any of its ‘Division(s)’. ‘Registering’ refers to registering or signing up on the website using an email-id or any other mode available.

2. The ‘The Editing Startup’ name, the ‘’ name, the ‘’ name, the ‘THE.E.S.’ acronym with or without the periods/dots, the ‘The Editing Startup Logos’, the ‘we write.’ slogan, the ‘we *’ slogans of its Division(s) and the ‘by the Readers’ heading/name/title belong to the ‘Owner(s)’ of ‘The Editing Startup’.

3. Views expressed in ‘Article(s)’ on ‘The Editing Startup’ are the personal views of the respective ‘Author(s)’. ‘The Editing Startup’ does not necessarily subscribe to their views.

4. ‘Article(s) marked ‘UNEDITED’ express the personal views of the ‘Author’ and the ‘Website’ does not neccessarily agrees to those views. The ‘Website’ believes in freedom of speech and expression and allows its ‘Author’ to publish their views even if the ‘Website’ does not agree to them.

5. ‘The Editing Startup’ is not a ‘startup’ or a ‘startup company’. It only uses the word ‘startup’ in its ‘name’.

6. By ‘Registering’ on the ‘Website’, ‘User’ becomes a ‘Registered User’ of the ‘Website’. A ‘Registered User’ will not be ‘Owner(s)’, or ‘Author’, or ‘Founding Member(s) of the ‘Website’. ‘Registered User’ will not be a stakeholder and will not be entitled for any fee/remuneration even if the website is monetised.

7. A ‘Registered User’ can be removed or banned from the ‘Website’ if the ‘Website’ deems it necessary. Decision of the ‘Website’ in this regard will be final.

‘The Editing Startup’ reserves the right to make changes in ‘Declarations and Terms and Conditions’ without prior notice.

By ‘Registering’ on the website the ‘User’ agrees to the terms and conditions of registration provided in the ‘Declarations and Terms and Conditionsof the ‘Website’.

By ‘Using the Website’, ‘User’ agrees to the ‘Declarations and Terms and Conditions’ mentioned here above.