Tricoloured Veins

EDITOR: Deepti Nair

As the day approaches,

And the tricolour soars high in the sky.

The spirit of freedom clutches,

The soul gets pumped up with joy.

When the deepest fear crunches,

Which the force of pride nullifies.

Then we say our brimming veins,

Are thronged with the tricolour ,

A feeling of patriotism they signify.

I wish you share the pride,

Brought  to you at your doorsteps.

I wish you, like a bird, freely glide,

Because of freedom kept by your sheds.

But, I wish you remember the sacrifice,

Which brought these gifts to your hands.

The country is beautiful and young,

It is ready to shine and reign.

The country is cheerful and rugged,

And its people with unity are ready to stand.

The nation waits to be hugged,

By the people it upends.

It is the time for energy to be clubbed,

And be the force to hold the strands.

The blood is fresh and full of pride,

The youth might take many strides.

The diversity maybe a lot more wide,

But the unity which lies is huge and unaviged.

The soul is pumped for the epic moment,

The ears are alert for the sound of the trumpet

The eyes are staring for a look of the pennant,

But the heart is still throbbing with the blood in veins.

Bodies bleeding tricolour without any cuts, without any pain.


EDITOR: Gyan Akarsh

(Polonius said of Hamlet- Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.)

A frenzied flurry of pain
Follow the same old pattern,
Jump from one blood vessel to another-
Bursting each open.
Faces move past in a blur, like streetlights through the window of a speeding car.

It’s the first step I take every time.
Second, I pause at each face.
I am belted on to the driver’s seat, my left foot on the brake.
A maddening reluctance to feel safe, a desire to fall step by step,
Into a dark abyss of repetition. Of methodical heartbreak every time.

Like scientific results of frenzied experiments.
Maddening results repeated every time.
Who evades the fall? I ask.
Those who speed past faces…fall into an unimaginably circular habit,
Of not falling at all.
And some
Keep going back and forth
To new faces and old,
New faces and old.
Because human actions are a methodical folly-
Repeated in circles and circles more.

The Brain Drain

EDITOR: Gyan Akarsh

When the mind blows out,
all the thoughts are squeezed out.
no views no memoirs remain,
all views and experiences go in vain.
a state of mind where nothing retains,
what’s more terrifying than a brain drain.
A  fierce flash bang of darkness,
which leaves nothing to harness.
hopes devastated leaving utter numbness,
all that is left is an emotional carcass.
sentiments turn into an utter mess,
leaving one option, to be suppressed.

The ease and stability has to be sustained,
composure and balance shall be retained.
There is only one way to maintain,
self control is the key to choke the drain.
The truth still remains same,
a brain drain is much better,
than a brain in a drain.
So use the power which you have gained,
harness the aura of the beast you tamed.
it might not be the best one claimed,
but at least its not in a drain.

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Sigh Of Relief

EDITOR: Aditya Prakash Singh

When the mind suffers with up’s and down’s,
it’s a challenge to cope up, what surrounds.
The only aim visible in reach,
is that instant which one needs.
A second of calm, a tick to carefree,
it’s hard to achieve a sigh of relief.

The world has turned into utter chaos,
people dodging states of havoc.
No time to see the dreams,
achieving them is so far it seems.
A chance to achieve, a peaceful sleep,
a chance to see our broken dreams ,
all we need is a sigh of relief.

The world has forgotten,
the importance of peace.
Nobody cares about others it seems,
the race for more is on a seize.
Culture destroyed, innovations detonated,
all the eyes which saw dreams are now evacuated.
But it is still an irony when someone leaves the world,
we say rest in peace,
because we know the person went without having,

Of Heroes and Men

EDITOR: Smriti Sharma

There are no heroes,
But monsters aplenty.

We’ve all had our cumbersome cloaks of morality.
Ripped off by cynicism.
And our hidden identities
Are just masks for self protection.
We don’t have anyone else
To protect.

Every past is tumultuous with many tempests weathered.
But we just held on for life
To the mast.
The ship sank,
We could only grasp for the wreck.
Manoeuvring it was not
In our job description.

All our backs have had the imprint of chafing walls.
Held in place by circumstances,
Trapped, we fight, and fight.
And take a punch too many
Until we collapse
No legs anymore.

Leaps of faith have made the best, of high hopes,
Tall monuments of personal expectations.
Swinging from one web
To another,
We get caught up in the lies
We spin.
The lifeline misses us

There are no heroes
Because such a species doesn’t exist.
It’s only us humans,
And generally we are not enough.
But we try, together as one
And that’s why the monsters lose.


EDITOR: Aaratrika Chatterjee

When your heart pours out feelings,
When your mind sets up for dealings,
The thought is taken for granted,
And your mind is left devastated.
Those who judge the feelings,
Those who reject the dealings,
Leave us with no choice but,
To suppress our feelings.

But today I speak a defying speech,
Today I see the denial they preach,
They should know the pain of a trial,
They should know how it feels on denial.

No reasons any seasons,
Only a refusal as treason,
A prison for thoughts and feelings,
Yet flourishing with hideous meanings,
Neither sympathy nor an apology,
The return of acceptance turns sloggy,

Now I realise the truth of acceptance
It’s not good to always live in negligence.
What must go on is the trial,
To turn up the reason for the denial.

Do you see me?

EDITOR: Smriti Sharma

I see you everyday, I look into your eyes
I yearn for your old self, I almost cry

You still look the same, you still are the same
But somewhere I see, you can’t recognize me…

I was there all along, always with you
But old age is cruel, it is ugly and true

We all feed you, dress you , love you and make things the same as always, just as you liked…

You respond well, and sometimes
You give me a glint of hope that all will be well!

But then as all old people do, you retrieve in your own shell
And it breaks my heart and I suffer like hell

So today I promise myself
I’ll never let you go to that shell

Wherever you are, however you are,
I’ll always be there with you

No matter what
No matter how
I’ll never leave you, till the end of my breath

I see you like I do always…
Do you see me?