The beauty of your eyes

EDITOR: Deepti Nair

I see the innocence of a child,

The freshness of the morning dew,

The embrace of a mother mild,

The tinge of purple in a sky of blue.

The merriment of a child forlorn,

Who found a grain of rice to eat,

The bullfinch by its ruby breast adorned,

The ecstasy when a dear friend meets.

The magic of winter showering crystals,

The melodious chirp at the break of dawn,

Saints yearning their meditation to distill,

The miracle of new souls being born.

The glow on the face of a newly wed bride,

The smile of a lover hidden from the world,

The hug of a mother after having cried,

The surprises on a birthday slowly unfurled.

I see the satisfaction and the content of all the joys…

Glinting in your beautiful eyes.

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