Perfect Match

The golden fingers of the sun crept through the window waking him up with a gentle caress across his face.

It had been decided. Today was the day. Calling it the biggest day of his life would be an understatement. Everything around him was going to change, it was in the air. He could feel it with every breath that he took.

The stress, the tension… It was all gone. The weight of the world seemed to have finally lifted from his shoulders. He was ecstatic yet at peace, for a match had been found.

A perfect match.


The sun rose beautifully across the sky marking a new day and possibly her last.

Everything had been perfect. She was perfect. Her life was perfect. There was just one problem. It was too perfect. And this was the perfect time for life to strike.

When you are on top of the world, life always has to push you down. It breaks that ‘bubble of perfect’, that ‘bubble of happiness’. And that is what happened to her.

She had been found. She had tried to make a run for it, she had tried to hide but all was in vain. You can never truly run away from your past. Now, it just stood in front of her, towering over her. She was cornered with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Life had a beautiful way of being cruel.

It had started when she was mere four months old. Defenceless, vulnerable and weak. So weak. Her family found out about the abominable thing that she was carrying inside her. She was abandoned immediately. It wasn’t her fault; it was completely out of her control.

At that time, they didn’t realise how valuable she actually was. They never considered the possibility that they might require her, that they might need her.

After few years her importance came to light… And the search began. Not because they repented their decision. But because her worth was realised.

She was a match.
A perfect match.

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