The Dream

EDITOR: Smriti Sharma

“Haan? Yenna?”
“Appa, wake me up at 4. Seriya?”
“Seri. Thoongu”

Seri means “yes” and Seriya means “okay?”. Rest can be deciphered, no doubt.

Well, this was just another night before the “Big Day”.
Big Exam Day to be precise.
‘An extra special day’ is what it could also be called since it was my last exam before vacations started!

I had income tax final the next day with just one day gap between my previous exam and this one.

All I did the entire day was PGBP, House Property, Deductions under section 80C, 80D, 80 G(the important ones) and flipped through sections 80A, B, E, F ,H, I, J, Q etc.

PGBP(Profits and Gains from Business and Profession) was tiring and time consuming but extremely important but I still had loads to revise and one day gap was, well, not sufficient.

So, coming back, I asked my father to wake me up at 4 since I needed my brain to take rest and retain everything I had learnt only to vomit all that in my paper the next day(I kept my phone alarm also ready just in case).

I slept and then what felt like a few minutes, my phone alarm started ringing and I woke up with a start! It was four according to the clock and I got up, washed myself and started doing agricultural income.

Somewhere I felt like someone was banging my head with a hundred hammers and after some time, my eyes started playing hide and seek with my book.

I felt like I dozed off and then woke up with a start again.

The same process repeated for at least four times till I finally got the urge to shake that drowsiness off to sit up straight, determined to finish agricultural income at any cost before I left for the exam hall.

Well, agricultural income… Page one… This that… Page four… This that… Page ten… This that… This that … This that… Hmm…

“Maa, have this chocolate na, it’s yum.”
“Ramya, you know I hate chocolates.”
“But Maa this one is awesome! Try once no?”
“No, Ramya.”
“Maa, please na.”

Hmm…Chocolates are yum.

Hmm … Agricultural income gives you Chocolates? Hmm…
“Ramya, wake up its four!!”
“God! Just four?”

So I dreamt the whole night away just to get up on time finally.

Well, this “thing” is called “False Awakening”.

Theoretically, a False Awakening is a vivid and convincing dream about waking up from sleep, while the dreamer in reality continues to sleep.

After a false awakening, the subject often dreams that they are performing daily morning rituals such as cooking, cleaning and eating (and in my case, preparing for tax exam).

False awakenings, namely those in which one dreams that one has awoken from a sleep that featured dreams, takes on aspects of a double dream or a dream within a dream.

So, all said and done, my tax paper went well (quite a relief!).

Ohh! And I forgot to mention, Agricultural income and PGBP never came in my paper.

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