The Reunion That Never Happened

The Editing Startup
“Guys we’ll have a reunion this time pakka!” beeped the message in everybody’s phone.
Truth be told, nobody was interested in any reunion. Everybody had moved on with their lives and now had no place for someone who they don’t connect with anymore.
“Yeah sure, count me in” beeped a response.
“Count me in also” came another.
“Sorry guys can’t make it, I’m travelling abroad” came another.
Few days later, the guy who proposed to have a reunion himself backed out and said “Sorry guys can’t make it”.
Well, then what? Nothing. Nobody replied nor cared.
That’s what is the reality. Emotional attachment to an institution or the people whom we befriend there doesn’t last long enough for a lifetime in most cases, especially post college.
Exceptions are always there though, but it takes effort to become an exception.
Most of us don’t choose to be those exceptions, we choose to “go with the flow”. But those who really dare to be exceptions, go on to become extremely patient human beings.

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