Treasure in the Cellar

EDITOR: Aaratrika Chatterjee

Sometime around 30 years from now.

“What’s this!?” he exclaimed, excited to find something he thought no one had seen before. A thing because there was no word to define it, perhaps.

This was the first time he had journeyed into the cellar, with an intent to find lost treasures. Among the plethora of things and boxes, most of which were indiscernible, his eyes settled on a weird looking thing and remained fixed on it.

It was about an inch in size, grey in colour and dusty. He picked it up in his hand, carefully scrutinizing its boundaries. It was rectangular in shape, somewhat curved at its sides. It had a few numbers written on at random places and a shiny translucent rectangular surface on the top. On one of the smaller edge was written a word – NO – which completely looked out of place.

Among other things in the cellar, he found a pair of rectangular looking boxes having cylindrical protrusions out of them, some wires, and few old books, perhaps classics. Khaled Hosseini, Jeffrey Archer, Amish, JK Rowling, George R.R. Martin were some of the names he could read.

But that’s not what caught his attention. Books were something he had heard of and also studied from when he was small. The object which he held was. It was a total mystery to him. He had never seen something like that before.

What was it? Was it something that the Aliens forgot or left as their memento if they had visited covertly? Or was this some kind of detonator? No, that wasn’t possible. The thought troubled him. He suddenly felt uneasy. The thought was ridiculous, of course, but once we think of something, it is hard to convince the mind to think otherwise.

He was troubled and busy thinking possible conjectures for the existence of this object when suddenly, he heard a mild screeching of the tires. He immediately ran out of the cellar, shut the door, which remained locked on other days. He buried that thing deep into his pocket and ran up the stairs and calmly marched into his room.

After few seconds, he heard a crackling sound of the door opening and he took a deep breath, overwhelmed to find out about the object he had found.

His parents had come home. It was evening by then.
He sat in his room, reading a book he had picked up while running upstairs from the cellar. A book by Jeffrey Archer. It was enough to make him forget about the object in his pocket until dinnertime.

He came to the dining table with that object in his pajama pockets, the outlines of which were clearly visible. Mother saw it. However, she didn’t enquire about it until dinner was over. After dinner, she stopped him on his way to his room and asked about the thing in his pocket. He had totally forgotten about this and upon hearing this question, he was gobsmacked. His mother demanded to see the thing.

Left with no choice, he took it out of his pocket and handed over to his mom. He saw no change in his mother’s expression apart from the mild relaxation of her brows, which was contrary to what he had expected. Confused, he asked with a little trepidation in his voice,
“Mom, what’s this? Is this some kind of remote control?”
She replied with a mild surprise in her tone,” What remote?”
He continued fearfully,” Like a detonator or something?”
Upon hearing this, his mom burst into peals of laughter. Confused and embarrassed, he asked curiously,” What’s this then?”
She finally replied, ”It’s a NOKIA MOBILE PHONE!”

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