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I Want to be an Author

‘So you want to be an author? Trying to copy Chetan Bhagat eh?’
This was the first thing the first person who I confided in told me. His smirk of condescension and his tone clearly showed what he thought of me. As if I am already a nincompoop for daring to dream who will surely fail in life?

Though what is life but a constant journey of discovering oneself? It is not like random thought on a random occasion took root in mind and has grown up to be the big kahuna this way. I started reading novels at the age of 12. The world of fiction fascinated me that how at the whims of the author the plot is manipulated, how a single word can be used to render a controlled explosion of feelings in the readers mind.

There is no pre-set requisite for elite and eye-catchy words.

I have to desire to write poems too when the words flow in the air. There is no need for a poem to rhyme or be lengthy. Why to make it so ?

This poem by Swami Vivekanand justifies the above mindset of mine,
I look behind and after
And find that all is right,
In my deepest sorrows
There is a soul of light.

Write something be it good or not. Show it to people whether they be critical or not. This is my creed and motto. To move towards achieving it, one must try however infinitesimally small your efforts seem to be.


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