Chasing Yourself

EDITOR: Aditya Prakash Singh

When we were kids,
chasing someone in hide and seek,
it was just a game I believed.
When I grew up a little,
came to know that fun was brittle,
chasing in games was no longer there
the world said chase marks and results,
or beware.

Chasing was no more fun,
comparison with friends was burden of a ton,
but all it included was a pun,
it said at least I offer friends for fun.
When I grew up some more,
I realized chase washed me to a shore,
so lonely and so tore,
I wished in anger I could roar.
But no point was there even for anger,
as nobody was there to hear rejoinder.

Now, I have grown up more,
standing still on the same shore,
waiting for a hand smooth and soft,
to hold my hands which have turned sore.
I wish a day would come,
no chase will be there,
not on land not in water neither in air.
And all souls will light up as flairs,
I wish a day would come,
the chase comes to an end.
We will just return playing hide and seek,
and of us will be friends.

The chase which put us apart,
will drive us back where we were a part,
the chase which left us alone,
will have no reason to make us mourn.
But still,
it is a wish that the chase will be gone,
but ultimately I am chasing my wish,
so the chase is still not gone,
and now I feel like a moron.
But still, I believe the chase will be gone.

Your Judgement


The thoughts that remain on your lips.
The ghosts of those thoughts,
They haunt me.
They hound me,
because you won’t ever say.
Whether or not
I erred in my ways.
You never speak up,
But those ghosts,
They haunt me anyway.

Accusingly,they watch me, your eyes.
Evaluating me, pronouncing me guilty.
Guilty of a crime,
A crime I know not.
Your wishes,
I cannot read them, or you.
I cannot fathom those myriad words.
That you always leave unsaid.
Is that the crime I’m guilty of?
Is that for which I’m haunted?

But without your judgement,
where would I be?
How would I know what I’m worth?
So, I do need you.
Judge me, accuse me with your eyes.
With those haunting thoughts of yours.
Spin me into a web,
A web that traps me in my final place.